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February Planner Challenge

February is all about self-care! Self-care is so important because it helps us to maintain our physical, emotional, and mental health. This challenge will help you use your planner to make sure that you spend some time focusing on Y-O-U!


Day 1: Show off your February monthly spread. Make sure to block off some days to use for relaxation without any other plans.

Day 2: Choose one bad habit and stop doing it! This one will be a challenge! Take some time to reflect on a bad habit you’ve formed and vow to break that habit this month. You can do it!

Day 3: February Goals. Make sure to look back at your Passion Roadmap to see what your future goals are. Now that the excitement of the new year has worn off it’s easy to fall back into old habits. Writing down your goals every months helps keep them fresh in your mind and you’ll be more likely to achieve them.

Day 4: Self-love mantra. Write down a little quote that helps motivate you or lifts your spirits when you’re having a bad day.

Day 5: My happy place. What spot in the world do you feel the most happy in? Why does it make you feel this way?

Day 6: Sitting in silence. Sitting in silence for two minutes or more decreases stress by lowering blood cortisol levels and adrenaline. Try sitting in silence for 2 minutes or more today and see how you feel afterwards.

Day 7: Send a card to a friend. Today is National Send a Card to a Friend Day! So take some time today to send a nice card to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

Day 8: Favorite Hobbies. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day life! Share some of your favorite hobbies that bring joy to your life.

Day 9: Spring Cleaning To-Do List. Spring is right around the corner which means its time to give your house a freshen up! Make a list of everything you want to clean when the days get nicer out.

Day 10: Self-Care Sunday. Make sure to schedule one self-care task today.

Day 11: Start a Good Habit Today. With the start of a new week its a great opportunity to begin a good habit! You got this!

Day 12: Binge Worthy T.V. Shows. Self-care is more than bath bombs and face masks. Sometimes its sitting on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and a good TV series!

Day 13: Your Favorite Treat. Are you a sweet or savory type person?!?

Day 14: Self-Date Ideas. Sometimes the best actives are spent alone. That doesn’t make you weird if you’re sitting at the movies by yourself. Heck, I enjoy going out to dinner alone, that way I don’t have to share dessert with anyone! Make a list of activities that you like to do all by yourself.

Day 15: Monthly Goal Check-in. We’re half way through the month! Make sure to look back at the goals you set at the beginning of the month and make sure you’re staying on track.

Day 16: Create something. Being creative gives us the opportunities to try out new ideas and develop new ways of thinking and problem solving.

Day 17: Random Act of Kindness. The best way to practice self-love is to do something nice for someone else.

Day 18: Your goals for the week. Start Monday with a BANG! Write down your goals for the week and the steps you need to achieve them.

Day 19: Write down your fears then burn them. Tonight is the full moon for February. It’s the perfect opportunity to start fresh. Write down all your fears on a piece of paper, don’t hold anything back, then light that piece of paper on fire. (make sure to be safe while doing this!) Feel the freedom of letting all those fears go.

Day 20: Favorite Self-Care Quote: Find a quote that makes you smile, brings your joy, or helps you find inner peace.

Day 21: Learning something new. What are you trying to learn right now?

Day 22: Ultimate Staycation. You don’t have to travel far to have a real vacation. Write down all the fun things to do in your home-state and schedule a little staycation for yourself!

Day 23: De-Clutter One Space. Take some time today to de-clutter one space in your home. It will feel so much better to get that done!

Day 24: Treat Yourself! Take today off from everything and do something you ENJOY!

Day 25: Self-Care BINGO. Lets see those Bingo sheets from the February Subscription Box!

Day 26: Most Memorable Part of the Month. Review your month and reflect on the moments you enjoyed most. Record them in the February Monthly Reflection in your Passion Planner.

Day 27: 3 Biggest Lessons Learned. Review your month and reflect on how much you’ve grown. Big or small, every step matters. Record these notes in your February Monthly Reflection in your Passion Planner.

Day 28: 3 Things to Improve on Next Month. What do you want to do to end the first quarter of the year with a BANG!


In addition to the challenge I made a free download of the February Monthly Challenge to use in your monthly spread as well as a week-by-week breakdown to use in your weekly spreads. Just click the February Challenge image at the top of the page to download the file.


I hope you enjoy the February Challenge! Make sure to share you posts with the PashFam by using the hashtag #febcbdchallenge on Instagram or the Chelsea Brown Designs Facebook Group.

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