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March Planner Challenge

I like to match the Monthly Challenges with the themes from the subscription kit. March's theme is HUSTLE! So I made sure to incorporate some topics that talk about your goals and dreams!


Day 1: Show off your March monthly spread. Make sure to block off some days to use for relaxation without any other plans.

Day 2: Share your goals! What do you hope to accomplish this month?

Day 3: March Mantra. What words of wisdom are you going to live by this month?

Day 4: Your job! Share where you work and what you do!

Day 5: Future Planning. What are you planning already? A fun vacation? Big move? Maybe a wedding?

Day 6: Weekly Routine. What routines keep your life on track?

Day 7: My Planner System. Do you use more than one planner? If so, what do you use and for what?

Day 8: A Woman Who Inspires You. Happy International Woman's Day! Let's celebrate by sharing all the women out there that inspire us!

Day 9: Handwriting. Everyone's handwriting is unique to them! Let's see your style!

Day 10: Inspired By... Share someone that inspires you!

Day 11: Your First Job. We all started somewhere!

Day 12: Work To-Do List. How do you manage your work tasks from your personal tasks?

Day 13: What Motivates You. Share all your secrets!?! What keeps you motivated?

Day 14: Currently Reading. I always love seeing what everyone is reading!

Day 15: Monthly Goal Check-In. We're officially half way though the month. How are you doing on reaching your goals?

Day 16: Sticky Notes. A planner's best friend! How do you use sticky notes in your planner?

Day 17: Green Spread. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Celebrate by creating a green themed spread this week!

Day 18: Your Typical Day. What dose a regular day in your life look like?

Day 19: Favorite Washi Tape. We all have that one that we hold near and dear to our heart.

Day 20: Spring Bucket List. Happy First Day of Spring! FINALLY! Winter is OVER! Whew! How do you like to celebrate this season?

Day 21: Goal Planning. How do you break down your big goals into small steps.

Day 22: Dream Job. If you could do ANYTHING what would you do?

Day 23: Flip Through. We're almost a quarter of the way through the year. (I know right?!?) Share a flip through of your planner so far!

Day 24: Favorite Podcast. This is almost as good as the currently reading prompt. One can never have too many good podcasts!

Day 25: Pen Swatches. Share some swatches of your favorite pens!

Day 26: Tried and True. What planner techniques are your bread and butter?

Day 27: Space of Infinite Possibility. Share how you use this space in your planner.

Day 28: Plans for April. With the next month quickly approaching, what are you looking forward to? Hint: my birthday is in April!

Day 29: Most Memorable Part of the Month. Look back and reflect on all the new memories you created this month.

Day 30: 3 Biggest Lessons Learned. What did you learn this month?

Day 31: 3 Things to Improve on Next Month. Reflect on how you can make April your best month yet!


In addition to the challenge I made a free download of the March Monthly Challenge to use in your monthly spread as well as a week-by-week breakdown to use in your weekly spreads. Just click the March Challenge image at the top of the page to download the file.

I hope you enjoy the February Challenge! Make sure to share you posts with the PashFam by using the hashtag #febcbdchallenge on Instagram or the Chelsea Brown Designs Facebook Group.

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