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April Planner Challenge

Can you believe its APRIL?!? The year is already a quarter of the way through and a new month means a new Monthly Challenge! If you are new to the Monthly Challenge WELCOME! This is a fun way to use your planner in new, creative ways and for you to get to know your fellow PashFam members!

How to participate in the Monthly Challenge: every day (daily posts are not necessary but increase your changes of winning!) post a picture to either Instagram or to the Chelsea Brown Designs PashFam Facebook group. Make sure to use the hashtag in your post so that the PashFam and I can see your posts specifically for the challenge.


Day 1: Quarterly Year Review: With the quarter of the year behind us it is a good time to look back and reflect on how the year has gone so far when it comes to reaching your goals.

Day 2: Monthly Spread: Share your April Monthly Spread.

Day 3: April Goals: Share the goals you have for April!

Day 4: This day last year: Share a glimpse of what your life was like a year ago today!

Day 5: Todays Top Three: Share your top three tasks to get done for the day!

Day 6: Project Planning: How do you tackle completing big projects.

Day 7: Spring Cleaning: 'Tis the season to tackle those spring cleaning projects! Share how you organize your cleaning tasks.

Day 8: Planning Hack: What is your secret to planning successfully?

Day 9: Being Creative: How do you use your planner to be more creative?

Day 10: Minimal or Decorative? Which one is your planner planner style?

Day 11: Favorite Quote in your Passion Planner: Our Passion Planners are filled with so many amazing quotes every week. Which one is your favorite?

Day 12: Most Used Pages: Our planners are well loved but which pages do you use the most?

Day 13: Pastels: With Spring in the air share your love of pastel colors in your planner!

Day 14: Memory Keeping: do you use your planner for memory keeping purposes?

Day 15: Monthly Goal Check-in: How are you doing on reaching your goals for the month?

Day 16: Brainstorming: Like Project Planning, how do you use your planner to brainstorm or brain dump?

Day 17: Black pen or Colored pen: Which one do you prefer to use in your planner.

Day 18: Throwback Thursday: Share an old spread from your planner!

Day 19: Spring Fever: What are your favorite things about SPRING!?!

Day 20: Planner Tips: If you were new to planning what advice would you give?

Day 21: Declutter: We all have those spaces in our homes where clutter likes to gather. Let's clean those spaces!

Day 22: Journaling: Do you know the health benefits of journaling daily? Do you use your planner to journal?

Day 23: Oops!: Our planners aren't perfect (no matter how hard we try!): Share your mistakes with the world!

Day 24: Planner in the wild: Take your planner someplace new! Try out that new coffee shop or take it to lunch to a place you've never been before!

Day 25: Coffee or Tea?: Which one do you love more?

Day 26: Planner wish list: If you won the planner lottery what would you win?

Day 27: Plans for May: What are you looking forward to in May?

Day 28: Most Memorable Part of the Month: Look back on this past month to all the good memories you've created!

Day 29: 3 Biggest Lessons Learned. What did you learn this month?

Day 30: 3 Things to Improve on Next Month. Reflect on how you can make May your best month yet!


In addition to the challenge I made a free download of the April Monthly Challenge to use in your monthly spread as well as a week-by-week breakdown to use in your weekly spreads. Just click the April Challenge image at the top of the page to download the file.

I hope you enjoy the April Challenge! Make sure to share you posts with the PashFam by using the hashtag #aprilcbdchallenge on Instagram or the Chelsea Brown Designs Facebook Group.

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