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April Planner Spreads

One common question I always get asked are what stickers I use to create each weeks spread. Every week varies on what I'm trying to accomplish for the week but if there is one spread that inspires you in particular here are the details on what you will need to create that spread.



April 1st-April 7th

For the first week of April I chose a Rainbow Theme because when in doubt... go rainbow! This was also my birthday weeks so I thought it would be fun to create something more colorful!

As for the stickers used in this weekly spread, I used a custom Rainbow color palette that will be available mid-May. But if you want to achieve the rainbow look before then I recommend combining the Roxanne color palette with the Crystal color palette.

Days of the Week-Weekly-Flourish

Weekly Intention

Currently Reading

Meal Break

Word Bar (Tasks/Instagram/Facebook)

Color Coding Circles

Space of Infinite Possibility Cover-To-Do List

Space of Infinite Possibility Cover-Chart

Now that I'm using multiple planner systems, my Passion Planner as my main planner, and my Plum Paper Planner for my to-do lists I've been struggling with using both these planners individually without repeating the same content in both planners. This week I tried to stay away from using my Passion Planner as a to-do list since thats what my Plum Paper Planner is for. So to fill the space where a to-do list would be I used a small brush marker to write in my main tasks for the day. Overall I really liked how this spread turned out but I still think there are some areas for improvement to make it work even better for me. What that is, I'm not sure, but I'll keep tweaking them until I figure out a solution.



April 8th-April 14th

This week I was in a real planner FUNK! It was Sunday night, also my birthday, and Monday was looming and I just wasn't in the mood to work on my planner. I even thought about waiting to work on it on Monday but knew that would mean I would have to carve out a chunk of time out of my already busy Monday to work on my planner. So I decided to make things as simple as possible and go though my sticker binder and pull out stickers that were already made. When I turned to the Periwinkle tab I noticed that I had a good chunk of stickers made in that color! Boom! Here's my color palette for the week.

Again, I'm still struggling to use my Passion Planner and Plum Paper Planner independently so I decided to take a more minimalistic approach, plus I already had these stickers made so I used what I had on hand. I took a little inspiration from one of my February Spreads where I used these little arrows to track the hours I was working. I feel like it helped break up all the white space. All of the stickers used in this spread are in the Periwinkle color:

Days of the Week-Weekly-Flourish

Meal Break


Weekly Review

To-Do List Headers

Blank Good Things That Happened Cover

This Week's Focus Cover



April 15th-April 21st

I was feeling much more confident in this weeks spread and no longer felt in a planner funk. This week was inspired by my favorite season, SPRING! I even did some more sticker spring cleaning and went through my extremely full sticker binder and pulled out stickers that were already made. I even found these beautiful peonies from @planningwithkay.

This week I mixed a bunch of colors and patterns together. It defiantly took me back to some of my first planner spreads when I first opened up shop because Pink and Mint are my favorite color combinations! I listed links to all the stickers I used down below, along with the colors I used for each set. You can also find the Pink Peonies stickers and the Pink Bow Washi Tape. The floral washi tape along the top I found at Joann's Fabrics but I don't have the original packaging.

Days of the Week-Weekly-Flourish-Mint

Meal Break-Quartz

To-Do List Headers-Quartz

Word Bar (Scheduled Posts)-Mint

Space of Infinite Possibility Cover-Grid

Glitter Full Color Timelines- Flamingo

Sleep/Weekly Habit Tracker-Mint

Light Pink Bow Washi Tape

Pink Peonies Stickers




I hope you enjoyed my planner spreads for the month of April! They were so much fun to create and I can't wait to see how May turns out! If there is a style you would like to see me do in the future please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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